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Name: Palaparthi Nosni

Age: 9


Gender: Female


Birthday: April 4, 2004     


Study: 4th Standard



Biography: Nosniís parents are very poor, but they are good and faithful believers of Jesus Christ. The Christian influence of the father and mother is very positive and the children grow in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Nosni has two older brothers and one older sister.  They reside in a poor thatched house where the floor consists of dust.  This child needs your sponsorship; it costs just $40 per month.  Please pray for this grand child.


Environment: The people who live in these remote villages are down trodden. For many long years they have been considered as outcasts. The untouchable factor still prevails, and at one time they were not allowed to study in the schools. Separate schools were maintained for these people.


Nosni is now in 1st class. If opportunity is given by a sponsor she will become a great person. She and her family eat rice as their main food mixed with curries made of vegetables, fish meat etc. All their needs will be met with your sponsorship of $40 for the entire month, along with your earnest prayers.  Thank you. 


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